What They’re Saying…


‘Chi Me Animal Frolics will give the opportunity for children to relax, take time out and allow them to breath. Not all children are sporty so it’s open to everyone’

‘This will help children & young people with issues such as anxiety/anger  – to help regulate their emotions’

‘Help children& young people with self-regulation anxiety management & anger management’

‘This will benefit my client group greatly in developing skills to manage anxiety and learn self-regulation skills’

‘Help my young people relax and de-stress and provide an opportunity to earn new ways to cope’


We recently launched the Move Laugh Relax workshop – Here’s what they thought of it….

“Games were very varied and gave me lots of ideas for working in the care home”

“I loved the relaxation techniques – especially the hand massage”

“The ‘Make It’ session was very relaxing and enjoyable.”

Move Laugh Relax is a 1 day workshop – Contact us to train your Carers and Volunteers.

Chi Me

“I am just sending you an update on the Move More Programme in Armagh city, Banbridge and Craigavon borough council. The programme has been receiving  referrals since March of this year and I have introduced a MacMillan cancer specific Chi Me session into our programme of activity. The Cancer specific Chi me session is held in Banbridge Leisure Centre on Tuesday mornings. To date we have had over twenty individuals participate in the sessions. We have an average 16 participants regularly. The majority of these participants are women living with, and beyond Breast Cancer. Participants include those who have had surgery, some are participating while they are receiving chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Whilst it is not exclusively for those have experienced breast cancer we have included some of the post surgery activities into the class warm up/mobilising activities.   The group have bonded really well and will be attending the look good feel better programme. One lady in particular recovering from breast cancer who has lived with scoliosis for twenty years has managed to stand for an hour long for the first time in 20 years. I would like to thank you for your help and guidance”.

Ryan Flynn, Move More coordinator in Banbridge June ’17

I knew from the moment I tried Chi Me that it was going to become an important part of my wellbeing programme, initially in my own life but also as a fabulous addition to the programmes I facilitate for clients.  Used with people who suffer from extreme anxiety states it has allowed them to find a way to ‘step outside’ their issues for a while and find a level of peacefulness they have not had.  As a chronic pain suffer myself, as are many of my clients,  the gentleness of the Chi Me movements has made a positive difference to how people can cope with pain.  Excellent course to attend with a really positive outcome, both personally and professionally.

Kathleen May ’16

‘Several of our coaches in Comber and Ards Leisure centre completed the Chi Me training course and we were able to add Chi Me to our timetable to cater for our Activity Ageing groups. The gentle flowing and easy to learn movements (for the leader and the participant) are simplified versions of traditional tai chi movements. It is an ideal programme for those who are older or less able to take part in more vigorous activities. It improves strength, balance, and creates a sense of personal wellbeing, as well as improving confidence. We are also delighted that our Chair Based Activity group have progressed to take part in Chi Me classes. We intend to add another Chi Me evening class in Comber and are also starting a new class in Portaferry Leisure centre. All in all, Chi Me has been a great addition to our timetable, with high attendance and fantastic feedback’.

Janice Hamilton, Comber Leisure Centre May ’17

To date I have delivered 3 x 6 week Chi Me programmes. 2 were community programmes (older people) and one to Council staff. I am currently delivering another community programme to an older peoples group. I have also delivered a few taster sessions.

Feedback from the programmes has been very positive and participants have indicated that the Chi Me has improved their flexibility and coordination and has helped them relax. Some participants have also said that they do some of the movements at home. A few people have mentioned that it has helped with sore and stiff hips etc.   September ’16

On Your Feet

The course was amazing, loved it, I just can not wait to try out what I have learned with my group, they are so excited to start something new.

Sarah, Southern Health & Social Care Trust, October 2016

Just started using the On Your Feet training and I am having great results. My group just love it, I planned to include it twice a week but due to so many requests I have had make it three.   One of the most worthwhile courses I have done.

Thanks Lifedock.

Shirley Belfast Health & Social Care Trust, October 2016

I completed the On Your Feet course with Lifedock and started to develop a program with my clients. I was so glad I was taught how to do the movements both sitting and standing as I have a very mixed group. It is working out really well and some of the clients who started off in the chair are now doing the standing version.

What a result!!!

Ryan, Belfast Health & Social Care Trust, October 2016

I have just finished the On Your Feet course with Lifedock Training, I found it very motivating and I am putting sessions together for my group. They love music and moving around and the routines are just great fun.

John, Northern  Health & Social Care Trust

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