Simply Street

Simply Street is an easy to learn, pre-choreographed, Hip Hop influenced dance programme.  It is designed to get people moving, by equipping leaders to lead a Simply Street session. As well as pre-choreographed routines that can be learned from online tutorials, Simply Street leaders will also learn how to develop their own routines; keeping their sessions, fresh fun and exciting. 
All ages can enjoy Simply Street but is particularly suitable for young people and children. If you believe in the importance of physical activity and are keen to see people experience the benefits it brings then Simply Street is perfect for you.

Why Simply Street

Regular attendance to Simply Street sessions will promote cardiovascular fitness that can help weight management keep the joints mobile and strengthen bones. In an exercise class you work alone, but in a Simply Street class you work either with partners or in a group, making it easier to meet new friends. Simply Street challenges your co-ordination skills, keeps your mind sharp and gives you a great sense of achievement.

Simply Street sessions can:
• Improve general fitness (including lung function)
• Control weight gain
• Improve mobility, strength and flexibility
• Improve posture
• Promote self esteem
• Improve social life
• Create a sense of belonging
• Be great fun

Who's it for?

Simply Street is perfect for anyone who works with young adults, teenagers or children and is passionate to see them becoming more active. We have trained a group of teachers who work in Special Needs schools who have experienced great success with Simply Street. You don’t need to be able to dance to lead a session – just a willingness to laugh and ‘Learn the moves and pass them on’.

Simply Street is perfect for:

Primary school teachers

High school teachers

Special Needs/Learning Disabilty settings

After-schools leaders

Youth leaders

Leisure centre coaches

Community coaches

Mental Health settings


What's involved

The duration of the Simply Street course is 2 days ( 2 x 6 hours) and it can be delivered over a flexible timescale to suit individual needs.


The objectives of this course are to:
• Deliver a safe and effective session
• Learn how to break down, teach, lead a pre-choreographed session
• Understand the implications of physical activity and the young person
• Employ motivation techniques and leadership skills
• Understand and address Health and Safety issues
• Understand how to adapt the session according to the ability and needs of the group

Training for the real world